We meet for fellowship every Sunday at 11:00 am California time (PST) on Zoom.  Everyone is always welcome!  Below are some simple steps for joining us:

1. If you have access to a laptop or desktop computer with a webcam click on the link below on any Sunday at 11:00 am and you'll be taken right to our fellowship.


2. If you have access to a smart phone (fancy cell phone) it can function like a laptop compuer.  You'll need a free app from Zoom but once you have that just type in the meeeting id number: 883 2475 9740# and then the passcode: 030992#.  That's it!  

3.  If you only have a landline phone dial the following phone number: 1/669/900-6833.  You'll hear a nice voice ask you for the "meeting id number."  Enter the following number: 883 2475 9740# (don't forget the #).  Then that nice voice will ask you for a passcode and you'll enter: 030992#.  Allow the host at MPC a moment to let you in and then you'll be in!  It's the same numbers every week.


If you still have trouble call Pastor Larry and he'll try to walk you through it: 510/967-5371