About Our Logo


The Red Dove is a symbol of the fire of the Holy Spirit coming down on Pentecost. It is also a reminder of our Presbyterian Church(USA) denominational connection as this image comes from that logo.  The red color is traditionally the liturgical color for the Season of Pentecost when the disciples were given the power to speak in tongues and share the wonderful works of God with all the people.


The Green Cross is a symbol of Jesus’ death on the cross, and more importantly, his rising from the dead  and the conquering of death - hence the body of Jesus is not depicted on the cross.  The color green is the liturgical color for most of the church calendar symbolizing Green Growing Time when we follow the teachings of Jesus and draw closer to him and his promise of eternal life.


The Blue and White Water is a symbol of baptism, both of Jesus being baptized and of  our own baptism.  The water is a symbol of us being washed clean and being born again into God’s family.  The color White is the liturgical color for the Holy Days of Christmas and Easter. 


The Purple Bible is a symbol of our trust in the witness of Jesus in the Bible.  God has power over all creation, but has given us the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament to be our primary guide to know God’s will for our salvation.  Purple is the liturgical color for Advent and Lent.  These weeks are times of preparing our hearts and minds for the coming of Jesus into our lives - both as a baby on Christmas, and as risen Lord on Easter.