1-03-21   Being a Wise Guy                                              Sharon Miller                      Luke 2:41-52                                                                           

1-10-21   Jesus & John: The New Testament Begins  Rev. Lee Heim                     Mark 1:1-11


1-17-21   Overcoming His First Temptations                 Rev. Larry Thorson             Luke 4:1-13

1-24-21   Choosing His First Disciples                            Pete Ludwigsen                  Matthew 8:23-27

1-31-21   Performing His First Miracle                            Emerson Castillo                John 2:1-11

2-7-21     Feeding His First Multitude                               Rev. Karen Keene               Matthew 14:13-21

2-14-21    Revealing His First Transfiguration                 Sharon Miller                      Matthew 17:1-8 

Starting Line slide.png

        Jesus at the Starting Line

Listen to the early stories about Jesus.  He faced one problem after another in every story.  Join us in this series as our team explores problem solving, Jesus style, from the starting line to the finish.   There are solutions to our problems!