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The story of hope. Louis Zamperini, lost at

sea for 47 days only to be captured by

enemy Japanese soldiers in World War II

and tortured.  If you've ever felt like quitting,

this story is for you.  



1-12-20      Resiliency                                                            Romans 5:3-5

1-19-20      Hope: The Fuel of Resiliency                            Romans 5:1-5

                                                                                                  Romans 8:22-25

1-26-20      Light & Hope   Karen Keene speaking            Isaiah 9:1-4

                                                                                                  Matthew 4:12-23

2-2-20        Forgiveness: The Healing of Our Wounds       Ephesians 6:12

                                                                                                   Romans 8:28

2-9-20        Brokenness                                                          Acts 9:1-9; 19b-22     

2-16-19      Never Give Up, No Matter What                        Hebrews 12:1-2 


2-23-20     Dr. Rev. Mary Westfall speaking                        Psalm 99

                   Up the Mountain & Down Again: Being            Matthew 17:1-9

                   Church in Challenging Times   



Past Messages

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Four words that can change your new year's resolutions.    

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Discovering God's love in unusual places.   

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Finding hope when you're feeling lost

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     A story of hope when you're feeling lost.

A simple practice that will improve your daily life.