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        Jesus at the Starting Line

Listen to the early stories about Jesus.  He faced one problem after another in every story.  Join us in this series as our team explores problem solving, Jesus style, from the starting line to the finish.   There are solutions to our problems!   

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Dear Friends, 

As I watched the television Wednesday of protesters storming the Capital building in Washington, I was shocked and saddened that it has come down to this.  In the midst of the protesters I saw at least one sign being held up that read “Jesus Saves”.  Nowhere in the story of Jesus do we read of Jesus or his followers being involved in illegal political protests despite living under a repressive Roman government.  That was not and is not what our Lord is about.  


The second thought I had was that today’s protest in Washington is making for a chaotic situation.  The Bible teaches that our God is a God of order, not chaos.  God’s enemy is the one that always produces chaos.  So let’s pray together with true Christ followers around the world, regardless of where we stand politically, that order will be restored and a freedom to live publicly for Christ will remain when all this is over.  Let’s let God we need him now more than ever.    


Watch our worship video Sunday featuring the Rev. Lee Heim speaking on the baptism of Jesus and then join us at 11:00 for our Zoom online fellowship.  The link is above.  Have a great week in the Lord.  

Pastor Larry   

Choir and praise band rehearsals canceled until further notice


Our choir and praise band normally practice every Thursday evening at 7:30.  These are volunteers who join their voices and musical talents to make a joyful noise to our Lord on Sundays.  We will post when rehearsals will start up again.  Come visit a practice anytime regardless of your experience. 



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